Solared INsight 6.5 Out Now


Solared Cyber Security, a vendor of cybersecurity management and target monitoring products and services, has released a new version of Solared INsight to accelerate and streamline system configuration, self-diagnostics, and agent deployment and management.

The new ergonomic interface dramatically facilitates settings management via intuitive grouping and quick, transparent searching of system parameters.

In particular, the agent deployment and management system has been improved, thus allowing information security officers to centrally install agents on workstations, configure policies and monitor their status. Solared INsight 6.5 maintains each workstation profile, which shows technical data, all users who are logged in, agent status, and whether settings and policies are up to date—a great aid for security officers to control uninterrupted operation of Solared INsight agents.

In addition, its new toolbox also checks LANs for emerging nodes and services, with security officers therefore no longer needing to obtain current infrastructure status from system administrators.

Furthermore, Solared INsight 6.5 can be easily and promptly set up thanks to online help available anywhere in the interface.

“The new functionality offered by Solared INsight 6.5 contributes to easier system setup and management. Since our customers have long appreciated fast deployment of Solared INsight, we are now committed to guaranteeing smooth solution administration as well,” said Victor Ivanovsky, Solared INsight Business Development Manager, Solared Cyber Security.