Solared Cyber Security released the first DLP-agent for control of Linux workstations


The company Solared Cyber Security was the first among domestic DLP developers to launch a workstation control module Dozor Endpoint Agent for Linux, which is a part of the DLP system SolaredINsight 6.0, designed to work with Astra Linux and GosLinux.

Development of the Dozor Endpoint Agent for Linux is an important step in development of the first Russian SolaredINsight 6.0 DLP system. Creation of the module is dictated primarily by the requirements of the Russian market, since an increasing number of organizations is transferred to free operating systems based on Linux within import substitution programs. 

The Dozor Endpoint Agent for Linux allows controlling of data contents on removable media, printing on local and network printers, as well as carrying out of audits on workstations and connected network storage means for violations of confidential data storage policies, using both content and context attributes. The module Dozor Endpoint Agent for Linux can be used in organizations with increased requirements for secure systems; it provides an ability to lock data for effective protection of the most sensitive information.

"The decision on establishment of the SolaredINsight Endpoint Agent for Linux was motivated primarily by the requirements of our customers, – says Galina Ryabova, head of the SolaredINsight direction in the company Solared Cyber Security. – We see a great potential in development of this topic. We began from local operating systems, which are the most requested by our customers and in the long term we plan to provide an opportunity to use our DLP solutions with other popular Linux operating systems"..