The speed of image recognition was increased five times in SolaredINsight 6.0


Solared Cyber Security reported on significant development of the module SolaredINsight 6.0 OCR, created on the basis of the ABBYY's text recognition technology. This module is used within the DLP system SolaredINsight, allowing control of sensitive data flows and preventing leaks by means of recognition of textual information in different images.

The amount of information transmitted both outside and inside organizations is constantly growing, thus increasing the risk of confidential information leaks. SolaredINsight OCR is able to recognize text graphic images in image files, which employees send over a network in order to get a printed copy or carry out transfer to external media or network storages. Application of this module within the DLP system helps organizations to protect sensitive data from leaking, even if it was converted into graphical elements – printed and scanned, photographed, saved to PDF, removed from the screen in the form of screenshots, etc.

Increase in the volume of transferred information flows leads to increase in the load on equipment and, as a consequence, forced expansion of the infrastructure on the customer side. Therefore the Solar Security and ABBYY employees decided on OCR module development within SolaredINsight DLP. The module recognition rate was increased five times compared to its basic characteristics, which allows image processing within the information flow of more than 700 Gb per day without any slowing down of DLP system operation. Such increase in the speed was achieved by means of images pre-processing algorithms: the module corrects shifting and distortion of lines, defines top and bottom parts of a document and initially reflected text. It is also able to recognize a multi-column text.

Galina Ryabova, head of the SolaredINsight branch of the company Solared Cyber Security, commented on the news: "We note that the share of scans in traffic flows of our customers is growing steadily. This leads to a multiple increase in terms of load on the OCR-module and noticeable delays in data processing, particularly in large companies. Of course, in order to solve this problem, it is possible to increase the processing power on the side of a customer, but this solution is also related to the increase in the cost of equipment. It was important for us to solve this problem technologically without any additional infrastructure costs". 

High speed and accuracy of data recognition in texts and images provide a new level of protection of confidential information and significantly reduce the risk of its leak.

Dmitry Shushkin, deputy general director of ABBYY, commented: "Today, many companies are concerned about reducing the risks of leaking of confidential information. This matter is conditioned by the fact that data flows increase daily together with the growth in the number of transfer methods. Thus, risks are increased. We worked together with Solar Security and were able to finalize the DLP system module in a way that now customers do not need to rebuild their information systems. At the same time the speed and accuracy of processing reached a qualitatively new level".