Solared INsight 6.2 Offers New Tools to Chief Cybersecurity Officer


Solared Cyber Security, a vendor of cybersecurity management and target monitoring products and services, has unveiled a new release of Russia’s first DLP system,Solared INsight6.2.

The idea behind Solared INsight is that an effective DLP solution must streamline decision-making and enable quick response to incidents. This is why better user experience is one of strategic product development vectors focused on easy-to-make search queries, straightforward dashboards, and an intuitive interface.

To pursue this strategy, in addition to familiar Analyst Desk, Solared INsight 6.2 boasts of Executive Desk, a special web console feature allowing Chief Cybersecurity Officer or DLP business users to quickly obtain all necessary information and understand what is going on.

Unlike Analyst Desk, Executive Desk is designed to help Chief Cybersecurity Officer manage the team members who use Solared INsight. Chief Cybersecurity Officer can view the summary on the number of events and incidents, including the number of those handled and pending, an officer responsible for a particular event, and data from recent reports made by security officers, with all data shown on a single screen.

The Executive Desk widgets also differ from those of Analyst Desk and give a more high-level and summarized picture of in-company situation, the number of incidents, and the severity of threats. The widgets are grouped so that to provide Chief Cybersecurity Officer with all necessary data to quickly evaluate the work performed by incident processing analysts and take corrective measures if necessary.

As one more step towards more effective DLP, Solared INsight now enables search for and display of related IM messages as threads. Such familiar and clear visualization helps a security team instantly assess whether it is an incident or false positive, as well as accelerates and streamlines investigations.

Solared INsight 6.2 monitors and displays the current status of agent activity, thus making sure all employee workstations are under control. When looking through a list of persons included in a relevant group or viewing a person card, a security officer can learn whether an agent is installed and activated on the respective workstation.

"For users, many DLP systems are still a ‘black box’, which notifies of discrete cybersecurity incidents but does not help a security officer to build a cohesive picture of what is going on in the organization. We are striving to make Solared INsight analytics more transparent and intuitive and, therefore, continue the reporting improvement," said Igor Lyapunov, CEO atSolared Cyber Security. "Executive Desk is one more step to this end as it summaries all of the high-level intelligence and provides a complete and cohesive vision of in-company situation."