New Solared INsight Agent Released to Control Linux Workstations


Solared Cyber Security, a vendor of cybersecurity management and target monitoring products and services, has released an agent update for Solared INsight DLP system to cover Astra Linux and GosLinux workstations.

To provide even better experience for Solared INsight users, the developers improved agent deployment on workstations and print job interception. In addition, the new Solared INsight agent supports mandatory access control for Astra Linux.

In March 2016, Solared Cyber Security became the first company to release a DLP agent for Linux workstations—a step driven by ever-increasing role of import substitution in the government and defense sectors. For cybersecurity at such enterprises, Solared INsight 6.0 and higher versions support Astra Linux and GosLinux.

Solared INsight not only prevents data leakage but also proactively identifies other internal threats that may expose an organization to economic damages. Solared INsight analyzes staff behavior and builds employee profiles to detect any further anomalies that may mean corporate fraud, conspiracy, espionage in favor of competitors, or other disloyalty.