Solared INsight 6.4 Expands DLP’s Digital Forensics Toolbox


Solared Cyber Security, a vendor of cybersecurity management and target monitoring products and services, has announced a new release of Solared INsight DLP.

The new release improves digital forensics effectiveness and system usability. At each stage of investigation, Solared INsight 6.4 helps a security officer get quicker intelligence, save time on routines, and do more with less efforts.

Two years ago, Solared INsight 6.0 became the first DLP system ever to accumulate all information available on any employee in a full-fledged Employee Dossier. Today, when this piece of functionality is already an integral part of mature DLP solutions, Solared INsight 6.4 stands out with a new cybersecurity tool – Summary Person Analytics. Business managers often ask a cybersecurity team to collect intelligence and build a dossier on a particular employee, including analytics on all communications and actions of such person over a specific period of time. This Summary Person Analytics contains, as the name suggests, a complete summary of employee's activities: general information, event and incident statistics, connections, communications, and files. The report is specifically adapted so it could be immediately submitted to the employee’s superior, presented on a meeting, attached to HR’s employee record, viewed via a web interface or exported to PDF and printed.

Digital forensics becomes even more effective with the analysis of employee email archive that had existed before DLP was put into play. Such a ‘look back’ is now possible thanks to mail server scanning. If a mail server, cloud or public email service supports IMAP, you can connect it to Solared INsight 6.4 and have a communications archive analyzed by applying policies and filtering rules. As a result, proofs of concept provide dramatically quicker findings, since right after the first scan a cybersecurity team can see incidents that occurred before Solared INsight deployment.

Proprietary Solared INsight Web Proxy now runs in transparent mode, particularly when stripping SSL traffic. Thus, you can enjoy all the proxy server benefits with no need to tamper with Internet connection settings on desktops, which are simply connected to the network, while all employee activities in the web, including encrypted traffic, fall under control.

Solared INsight 6.4 sets a new standard of DLP usability; its interface was enhanced with 100+ improvements solely for more comfortable and effective user experience: Creating an incident out of the message, adding a person to groups under special control, finding required items in a dossier, policies and information objects, adding comments to an incident card and many other things are just one click away in the new advanced interface.

The new release of Solared INsight features Breadcrumbs, a functionality allowing to view and, if needed, quickly return to the 10 most recent activities in the system, thus simplifying DLP routines—a security officer no longer needs dozens of clicks per minute to move between the main and secondary investigation lines or keeping the entire chain of actions in memory in order to quickly get back to the main line.

“Our initial goal was to create a product that would differentiate from its peers on the DLP market in terms of analytics excellence and user experience, thus bringing the right balance between the cutting-edge technologies and usability. With Solared INsight 6.4, we proceeded with advancing the security officer analytics toolbox and focused on simplifying the investigation process,” says Galina Ryabova, Head of Solared INsight Team at Solared Cyber Security. “Moreover, we truly believe that it is the DLP system that has to adapt to a user, rather than the reverse. This is why a big part of the release efforts was focused on usability. Ultimately, despite the sophisticated technology being the bedrock of Solared INsight 6.4, the system has become more intuitive and user-friendly.”