Solared INsight


About the Product

SolaredINsight goes beyond the concept of Data-Loss-Prevention to capture employee-generated traffic and apply content and behavior analytics to identify insider threat. SolaredINsight creates an interactive dossier on employees and critical data objects to provide investigation team with valuable evidence and give a bigger picture of insider threats.

SolaredINsight solves two key types of tasks.
  • When running as a traditional DLP system, SolaredINsight is capable to monitor, filter, and analyze all users’ messages for security policy violation
  • Its advanced communication analytics toolbox helps detect and investigate corporate fraud

SolaredINsight is a comprehensive solution tailored to help information security teams identify the early signs of arising insider threats that may lead to serious financial and reputational damage. SolaredINsight provides convenient tools to establish communications surveillance across the corporate network so all the captured traffic to be analyzed against the preset and configurable threat patterns.

SolaredINsight is a must-have for any organization that has

  • Business critical information and know-how
  • A need for procurement control and corruption scheme detection
  • Job positions and functions that require legitimate access to the organization's financial or other valuable assets
  • Reasonable concerns that actions of non-loyal and risk group employees are causing economic or reputational damage to the company
  • Accountability for local legislation compliance