SolaredINsight Architecture

SolaredINsight 6 comprises three functional blocks:

Solared INsight

Each block consists of several modules.

This ensures flexibility not only in the installation, setup, and operation, but in licensing as well. The blocks and modules can be combined and scaled to satisfy any company, from large holdings with many branches to medium-size businesses.

SolaredINsight module architecture

SolaredINsight Core

License modules set is responsible for implementation of the solution’s central component - a storage and search, incident management subsystem. Basic module with the operational archive can be extended by long-term storage option in order to increase a leg and depth of incident investigations. For companies with distributed IT infrastructure, it is possible to construct a hierarchical management of SolaredINsight various installations. 

 SolaredINsight Data Profiling and Protection

Data Profiling and Protection – a set of licensed modules, aimed at implementing the tasks to prevent the protected information leaks. It includes the following components:

  • SolaredINsight Mail Server Connector is a module of corporate email communications monitoring
  • SolaredINsight Web Proxy is a proxy server module
  • SolaredINsight File Crawler is a file storage inventory module
  • SolaredINsight Endpoint Agent for Windows/for Linux – is a workstations monitoring module
  • SolaredINsight Traffic Agent is a network traffic intercepting and identification module

 SolaredINsight Personal Profiling and Analytics

Personal Profiling and Analytics is a set of licensed analytical modules aimed to detect abnormal behaviour, aggregation of a "Dossier" and incident investigation.

Analytical tools included in this module are optimized for the tasks of identifyinh the employees activities causing economic damage to organization, corporate fraud signs, conflicts of interest and affiliation, as well as the investigations executions.