SolaredINsight Data Profiling and Protection

SolaredINsight Data Profiling and Protection

This set of licensed DLP modules includes:

  • INsight Mail Server Connector (corporate emails control)
  • INsight Web Proxy
  • INsight File Crawler (file storage inventory)
  • INsight Endpoint Agent
  • INsight Traffic Agent (network traffic interception and recognition)

INsight Mail Server Connector

This module controls communications going through corporate email systems.

Key features:
  • Monitor communications on mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange Server, CommuniGate Pro, and other widely-used SMTP server platforms
  • Monitor and block any attempts to send a message that breaches security policies, either unconditionally or until a security administrator or a user approves the sending (quarantine)
  • Reconstruct/modify SMTP-emails, removing certain message parts breaching security policy, including content of archived attachments, and adding standard signatures to the email body.

INsight Traffic Agent

This network traffic interception and recognition module (a sniffer that uses SPAN port traffic mirroring) parses, analyzes, and reconstructs communications sent over application-layer protocols and extracts their content then to be submitted to SolaredINsight Core for analysis and storage. The module intercepts data transferred via:

  • Webmail
  • Social media
  • File sharing services
  • Instant messengers
  • Mail protocols

INsight Web Proxy

This web traffic control module is designed to control corporate user access to the Internet and provide data leakage protection.

  • Flexible Internet access management policies and traffic blocking
  • Content- and context-based filtering of HTTP and FTP over HTTP traffic
  • User authorization and action logging
  • HTTPS traffic control

INsight Endpoint Agent

This module controls user operations with data on their workstations, including print jobs, clipboard, removable media, instant messengers (Skype, etc.), as well as apps and user actions on workstations. The module can run in an active counteraction mode (content-based blocking of file copying, clipboard copying, and sending via browsers, either unconditional or until a user approval).

INsight File Crawler

This module is designed for taking inventory of file storages (both public file sharing servers and workstation local drives) and detecting confidential information and storage policy breaches.

  • Control content stored in shared folders and user computers
  • Reveal breaches of enterprise confidential information storage policies
  • Search for and classify enterprise data by automatic scanning of public file sharing platforms
  • Control data spread within a company, across departments and user groups