SolaredINsight Profile and Anomaly Detection

This set of licensed analytical modules detects abnormal behavior, builds Dossiers, and investigates internal fraud and information and economic security incidents.
Its analytical toolbox effectively reveals employee activities that can cause economic damage to a company, detects signs of corporate fraud, conflicts of interests, and controversial affiliation, and is a big help in investigations.
Key functions:

  • Profile and reveal abnormal employee behavior and communications
  • Detect statistical anomalies in employee communications
  • Build person-centric connections graphs
  • Define employee's level of credibility
  • Detect atypical employee contacts
  • Build employee connections graphs
  • Aggregate information by communications of certain persons or risk groups (communications chart)
  • Aggregate information by confidential data channels
  • Use analytical tools for monitoring and investigation: heat maps, smart search, retrospective archive analysis against new circumstances revealed, etc.
  • Use analytical tools to assess the efficiency of cybersecurity management decisions
  • Detect changes in employee breach profile or external address
  • Analyze data using OLAP and BI technologies and summarize analytics in a drill-down format
  • Generate reports either one-time or on a schedule, and automatically send them to a preset address
  • Recommend next investigation steps (tips)