SolaredINsight Core

SolaredINsight Core

This basic module consists of storage, search, and incident management subsystems, which form the solution core, and can be expanded by introducing a long-term storage option to increase incident investigation level and depth. For companies with distributed IT infrastructures, there is an option for hierarchical management of various SolaredINsight 6.4 installations.

The basic module license covers:
  • Filtering subsystem and security policy editor
  • Operational storage subsystem
  • Search subsystem
  • Event and incident management subsystem
  • Reporting subsystem
  • Unified control interface

INsight Multi Core

Designed for centralized management of multiple SolaredINsight 6.4 systems, this module is ideal for organizations with distributed IT infrastructures in order to centrally manage multiple SolaredINsight 6.4 archiving systems installed in an organization's branches, as well as to establish management hierarchy.

INsight Long-Term Archive

With this long-term communications archive module, a company can manage multiple storages, transfer data for long-term storage, and disconnect (and reconnect) parts of a communications database (for example, the communications may be put into a tape storage and later reconnected for investigation). This is the recommended approach when designing and deploying installations, with large data volumes or long-term storage being required.