Developing the new version of SolaredINsight the Company specialists performed an extensive research, summarized the practice of using more than 100 installations of the system previous versions.

This work caused a significant upgrade of the system, which allows SolaredINsight users identify, block and investigate not just a loss of confidential information, but be able to identify signs of complex schemes of corporate fraud.

SolaredINsight has all necessary functionality to analyse, intercept and block corporate communications, as well as perform incident investigation. At the same time, it allows for solution usage in economic and personnel security.

SolaredINsight helps to identify early signs of corruption schemes and investigate cases of corporate fraud. The system includes the analytical functionality unique for DLP market; catalogue of known fraud schemes and their early signs with industry branch specifics, advanced search capabilities and a new generation interface customized for these tasks.

New generation interface

New interface of SolaredINsight is intuitive and designed to be used in two main scenarios:

  • Regular monitoring of corporate;
  • Incident investigations.
While used in these scenarios, a security officer always focuses on: violations, persons or information for which new interface zones are designed:
  • Events and incidents;
  • Dossier;
  • Information objects.

One of the basic principles of new interface design is the availability of necessary data on the main dashboard, that eliminates the necessity to generate multiple search queries and reports manually. 

 Information objects.

In order to trace the movement and storage of critical business information, SolaredINsight presents a new entity - an Information Object which is literally a dossier for controlled information. Now it is possible to not only classify, describe and specify protected information, but also to see the related information security events, communications and storages in information object card.

Situational centre

New generation interface of SolaredINsight is designed in logic of a situation centre so that the users can assess operational situation and choose the higher priority tasks in a single dashboard, which displays information of the most important results of system operations. 

  1. SolaredINsight situation centre allows for assessing of operational situation and identifying the high priority tasks.

  2. Further monitoring and response is available on a single information panel by the most important results of the system operation:
  • Critical events
  • Persons and groups under watch
  • Protected information objects
  • Employees abnormal behaviour
  • Summary information by the current threats

  3. SolaredINsight situation centre is designed across the case management methodology to provide incidents life cycle: the system allows to assign a person responsible for investigation, check its progress and see the result.

New search capabilities

The SolaredINsight provides new search capabilities that can significantly increase speed and effectiveness of the search: 

  1. Really fast search, used faceted search technology allowing to see a search result within just 1 sec in an archive of 17 million messages.

  2. Simple interface similar to traditional Internet search. 

  3. Large library of ready search queries with parameters specified by a user. 

  4. In-depth search with wide possibilities of search query.

Analytical capabilities 

SolaredINsight has been significantly improved in analytical functionality for performing large-scale and point investigations: 

  1. New opportunities for profiling and identification of anomalies in the employees behaviour and communications are implemented: 

  • Detection of the employee or an external address violations profile changes
  • Identifying employees’ unusual contacts
  • Identifying of statistical anomalies of employees’ communications
  • Building a social graph for person’s contacts
  2. Continues scoring of Employee Loyalty Index. 

  3. Data analysis based on OLAP and BI-technologies.  

  4. Tips on further steps in the investigation. 

  5. Integration of analytical module, investigation and storage with any external DLP solution. 

  6. A catalogue of known fraud schemes and their early signs with industry specific.

  7. Advanced report generation system. Reports can be generated on a schedule and sent automatically to security teams and managers.


"Dossier" functionality is significantly improved in SolaredINsight: 

  1. Now a person’s "Dossier" provides information about person’s violations and communications, lists of sent and received files, links and desktop screenshots. 

  2. Integration with HR systems and IdM class systems is implemented, that allows the security officer to see, for example, information about the date of employment and expected date of his firing, as well as information on privileged rights issued to him. 

  3. The "Dossier" informational fulfilment opportunities are extended. A security officer can fill up the "Dossier" by one or more files with comments, for example, the application form, or data from external suppliers of inspection systems. 

  4. A new group "Dossier" appeared, where you can see the summary information on group violations and communications, that is especially important for monitoring of special control groups.