Real-time situation monitoring and assessment

A deployed DLP system runs non-stop to accumulate employee communications into an archive, while a security officer needs to be able, at any time, to open the software interface, quickly assess the situation, determine individual and team's top-priority tasks, and proceed with analyzing security events. This is why Solared INsight features an advanced, dashboard-like web interface to make fast decisions and obtain necessary intelligence for investigations.

Event and incident management

During real-time monitoring, a security officer classifies events and incidents, assigns other team members to investigations, and takes care of other routines, leveraging a full-fledged case management system of Solared INsight to ensure digital forensics efficiency throughout the incident lifecycle, at each stage of investigation.

Monitoring of groups under special control

Controlling all means controlling nobody. Solared INsight uses so-called groups under special control to focus on suspicious employees and groups of employees.

Person-focused investigation

To extract the most relevant evidences from information noise, security officers never stop asking themselves (and a DLP system as well) the following questions:

  • Who is this guy? What business unit does he belong to? What background information do we have on him in other systems? For how long is he with us? Does he have privileged rights? Who does he report to?
  • What do we have on file about this employee? Does he have a violation history? Whom does he communicate with? What channels does he use and how often? What does he discuss in correspondence? What files does he receive and send?
  • Who are his contacts? Whom does he communicate with as part of business processes? Who are his friends? Who are his most frequent contacts? Are there any non-typical or random contacts?
  • How does the employee behave at work? What is normal for him and what activities seem suspicious?
Solared INsight will quickly answer your questions thanks to:

Information flow and storage monitoring

Similar to a traditional DLP system, Solared INsight 6 intercepts information transmitted across various channels, thus shutting down all most recent loopholes that exist today. Organization's business-critical information flows can be put under control and protected by:

Incident investigation

Solared INsight has advanced analytical capabilities allowing for more in-depth scrutiny to reveal threats and indirect fraud signs, which would remain unnoticed by a traditional DLP system, and boasts the cutting-edge archive functionality: all intercepted traffic stays in the archive and can be searched in seconds, thus ensuring unparalleled completeness of findings and time saving during investigations. Learn more about other investigation tools that can help security officers quickly and effectively do their job and report to management: