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SolaredSOC Building a Security Operations Center


Cyber attacks are becoming more and more frequent, targeted and sophisticated. Are you considering building a Security Operations Center (SOC) to fight cyber threats? SolaredSOC are an on demand consultants to help building an incident monitoring and response center, who also provide Managed Security Services (MSS).

SolaredSOC protects client data by means of continuous monitoring and rapid incident response process. Security is maintained by technical measures of access control policies, staff auditing, data integrity control and data encryption during transmission. SolaredSOC takes advantage of best practices in information security and meets the requirements of PCI DSS.

More than a dozen customers receive security outsourcing services from SolaredSOC. The first service for incidents monitoring was launched in 2013. Now SolaredSOC consists of more than 50 specialists on duty shift, analysts and experts which process more than 220 000 suspected events per year.

SolaredSOC provides a set of information security services to monitor incidents and defending emerging threats.

SolaredSOC Services

SolaredSOC provides monitoring of incidents, in 24x7 mode to monitor and respond to internal threats and cyber attacks. It provides service with a guaranteed SLA: from long-term storage of information security events to investigation of incidents detected using correlation rules. At the same time, monitoring of incidents on user and application level is based on business process analysis and information about the targeted attacks received from the leading information security laboratories. Details 

SolaredSOC Cybercrime Prevention, service is based on real-time data about current threats and targeted attacks. The service allows timely perform the counter measures: disable the compromised accounts, check the infrastructure on presence of targeted malware, conduct analysis of attacks and return information systems to its previous state.  Details

SolaredSOC Anti-DdoS is reliably protection against attacks on the availability of services and applications. The service uses the leading solutions for Anti-DDoS available on the market. 

SolaredSOC Security Control, allowing identification and prioritization of vulnerabilities based on their risk level, infrastructure and availability of relevant security systems and countervailing protection measures. SolaredSOC – Security Control allows for periodic detection of activity traces of malware that might not detected by antivirus software. Details

SolaredSOC Security Control Maintenance which is a classic outsourcing of maintaining a great number of information security solutions to free its own resources of customer companies for new tasks and projects. Details

SolaredSOC Application Security Testing for building a complete process of identifying and addressing the vulnerabilities before commissioning the both own or customized systems. Details

SolaredSOC Web-application Security organized as a service with WAF provision and services for its operation in the form of a subscription. This approach eliminates the need to handle traffic outside the client network, and fast setting up of signatures for blocking new types of web-attacks makes it possible to counter threats at an early stage.

rights_14.pngOutsourcing services required in the following cases:

  • There are online services which allow monetary transactions and require a high level of confidentiality, availability and integrity for customers and suppliers
  • Multilevel information security system, requiring highly skilled personnel and time to maintain it up to date
  • Independent objective monitoring of incidents related to the actions of privileged users and system administrators is required
  • Reputational risks and possible direct damage from information security threats are considerable, which requires twenty-four-hour monitoring of incidents and fast response
  • Information security incidents related to cybercrime occurs regularly

rights_12.pngSolaredSOC Benefits

  • Cross informing of the customers having similar infrastructure about the detected zero-day attacks
  • Aggregation of own analytics about hacker groups, botnets and untrusted IP addresses with data from laboratories
  • It has no more than 4 weeks for connection to a ready to use popular information security services
  • Information exchange and cooperation with leading CERT and Kaspersky Lab and Group-IB research centers is organized for operational countering the cybercrime
  • Monitoring and analysis of incidents are performed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in full compliance with a guaranteed level of SLA
  • Long-term distribution of investments to information security with possibility of flexible scaling of services for the current business needs


  • Group-IB
  • HP ArcSight
  • Qualys

rights_11.pngSolaredSOC Solves Following Problems

  • It is expensive and lasting for a considerable time to build a complete Solar SOC inside the company
  • Very few people understand how to use the vulnerability scanner report and for this reason not all the problems can be eliminated
  • It is very difficult to find qualified specialists able to counter the targeted attacks
  • IT departments and developers implements the vulnerable services and applications, and information security department is responsible for incidents
  • The staff of information security department have long been overloaded by activities for maintenance of protection facilities and has not possibility to improve information security system

rights_13.pngFour Facts about SolaredSOC

  • First line of 24x7 duty shift handles more than 220 000 events suspicious incidents per year
  • Distributed fault-tolerant infrastructure of SolaredSOC services at two sites in Moscow and one in Nizhny Novgorod
  • The staff of duty shift specialists, analysts and experts of SolaredSOC has more than 50 people
  • Application of its own intellectual rules for correlation of information security events on the basis of HP ArcSight ESM platform

rights_7.pngSolaredSOC Protection From Inside

  • Access control and audit of activities of duty shift specialists and analysts during examination of incidents
  • Differentiation of customer information flows at the level of HP ArcSight ESM platform
  • Protected transfer of information security events from customers sites to SolaredSOC data centres
  • Ensuring the integrity of collected data in disaster-tolerant architecture of SolaredSOC
  • Periodical internal audit of compliance with information security policy requirement within handling the incidents

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