SolaredSOC Application Security Testing

SolaredSOC Application Security Testing

Vulnerabilities negatively affect the security of systems, important information and money in some cases. And first of all it is important for online services and online applications.

But not every organization has the capability and resources to control the application code security on its own. This will require the employees with appropriate expertise and expensive hardware. Moreover, the independent control of application code security is financially justified only for a small number of   organizations with a significant number of their own solutions. For most companies the ideal solution is to outsource this process. It should be emphasized that the SolaredSOC specialists can conduct the application code analysis not only remotely, but strictly on the territory of customer’s company.

SolaredSOC Application Security Testing is an opportunity for complete outsourcing of security checks of the applications developed in most programming languages.

rights_14.pngUsing of SolaredSOC Application Security Testing is required if

  • Proprietary software is developed by means of internal or external developers;
  • There is critical software used by Company’s employees;
  • It is necessary to fulfil the requirements of standards of STO BR or PCI DSS concerning to software code analysis;
  • It is necessary to reduce the cost for eliminating the vulnerabilities detected at a late stage in the running application, as well as prevent client loss due to compromise or failure of application operation;
  • It is necessary to reduce the risks of application failures and system downtime due to security issues.

rights_11.pngSolaredSOC Application Security Testing solves the following problems

  • Significant number of incidents for hacking the embedded applications and online services;
  • Lack of influence mechanism for the safety of the used applications in information security department;
  • Inconsistency with PCI DSS and STO BR requirements concerning to software code analysis;
  • The complexity of correct configuration of tools for imposed protection of online services;
  • Lack of effective communication between the information security department and the developers.

rights_12.pngSolaredSOC Application Security Testing benefits:

  • Results of the analysis are provided in the form of specific recommendations to address the application code vulnerabilities with evaluation of labour intensity for its performance;
  • Issuance of detailed recommendations for configuring the imposed remedies;
  • Experts can work both remotely and in the territory of the Customer’s company;
  • The possibility of full outsourcing of code analysis: Full audit of code and any subsequent updates;
  • Compliance with strict confidentiality protocol in respect of the code to be analyzed;
  • Possibility to analyze applications developed in most programming languages.

rights_13.pngFour facts about SolaredSOC Application Security Testing:

  1. Staff of experts for software code analysis has more than 20 people;
  2. For 2 years has implemented more than 50 projects for software code security analysis;
  3. Analysis of the applications developed in most programming languages.

rights_13.pngProvided Services

SolaredSOC provides a service for full outsourcing of the application code analysis including:

  • Automatic scanning the application using the software tools;
  • Project configuration analysis;
  • Revealing the unused code;
  • Checking the application integrity;
  • Checking the data entry analysis mechanism;
  • Checking the protection of the data stored by the user in order to prevent unauthorized access to the authentication and other critical information;
  • Checking the protocol of data exchange between client and server (if applicable);
  • Expert revealing of application vulnerabilities ("manual" analysis);
  • Criticality assessment of revealed vulnerabilities;
  • Revealing of undocumented features of the application;
  • Development of recommendations to improve the protection level with estimation of labor costs for their implementation.

Due to this content the service allows to get an objective view of application security and resources needed to eliminate vulnerabilities