SolaredSOC Cybercrime Prevention

SolaredSOC analysts follow the trend of hacker activities, study malware detected by means of SolaredSOC sources and take preventive measures to block the attack before going into an active phase.

SolaredSOC Cybercrime Prevention is based on information about attacks that become known by SolaredSOC analysts, information provided by the Bot-Trek Cyber Intelligence (CI) platform of Group-IB partner company and reputation services of "Kaspersky Lab". This cooperation allows to aggregate information about threats and rapidly revel zero-day attacks.

SolaredSOC Cybercrime Prevention aggregates information about hacker attacks and prevents development of the threats at the early stages

rights_14.pngUsing of SolaredSOC Cybercrime Prevention is required if:

  • Organization has business systems which process financial transactions and allow withdrawal of funds to third-party accounts
  • The complex infrastructure that has critical business systems accessible for external counterparties.
  • Leakage of information about customers, conducted procurement and budgets are critical
  • There are state information systems of interest to the hacking groups
  • The reputational and financial risks of compromising the accounts of user and customers are Highly

rights_11.pngSolaredSOC Cybercrime Prevention solves the following problems

  • It is known whether legitimate connections can be trusted and whether the accounts of user, administrators or customers were compromised
  • There is no full understanding of how the compromised accounts have been used and what the real damage was done
  • About zero-day viruses and Trojans in the infrastructure becomes aware only after the break-in and damage
  • It is not possible without special knowledge of the attack nature to quickly reflect the threat
  • It is necessary to assess the protection against zero-day attacks and plan countermeasures

rights_12.pngSolaredSOC Cybercrime Prevention Benefits

  • Protection at the early stages of attack, using information about the realized threats
  • Responding to the attack, when it happened to others, not you
  • Information exchange and cooperation with leading CERT and Kaspersky Lab and Group-IB research centres is organized for operational countering the cybercrime
  • Rapid detection and neutralization of Trojans, botnet agents used in targeted attacks
  • Countering attacks and minimization of damage by identifying and blocking the threat sources or removing the detected malware

rights_13.pngThree Facts about SolaredSOC Countering Cybercrime

  1. Twenty-four-hour detection of incoming connections from untrusted IP addresses and outgoing requests to malicious resources in customer infrastructure
  2. The use of large database consisting of tens of thousands of malicious software signatures used to detect targeted attacks
  3. Targeted malware was detected even on hosts with the installed anti-virus tool

rights_13.pngProvided Services

  • An analysis of customer traffic to detect queries of zero-day viruses and Trojans to untrusted IP addresses and websites on the Internet
  • Examination of data on compromising accounts to assess the incurred damage and possible one
  • Operational localization of infected machines and detection of malware activity mechanisms on them
  • Responding to the attacks and demanding the response activities for blocking the threat source and neutralizing the malware used by cybercriminals
  • Periodical check of infrastructure for presence of Trojans, root-kit and viruses that have become known in the detected attacks and the ones not detected by antivirus tools
  • Planning the countermeasures based on the results of assessing the protection from current threats