SolaredSOC Security Control Maintenance

SolaredSOC Security Control Maintenance

SolaredSOC Security Control Maintenance For critical information security systems that are installed "in the gap" and protect the company's key business applications, it is required to provide the guaranteed performance indicators of 24*7 operation and to ensure continuous updating of policies to protect against the latest threats and attack vectors. Performing these functions is associated with a lack of specialists and impossibility of development of twenty-four-hour response centre on the basis of information security department.

SolaredSOC Security Control Maintenance is services to ensure the efficiency, availability and administration of information security systems, including the creation and timely updating of security policies and profiles

rights_11.pngSolaredSOC Security Control Maintenance solves the following problems

  • The difficulty in providing the high levels of availability by means of its one information security specialists for information security systems that protect key business applications and located "in the gap"
  • Lack of a staff for organization of twenty-four-hour monitoring and maintaining the efficiency of information security critical systems by the employees of the information security department
  • Maintaining the current level of protection provided by the existing information security systems within changing the Company’s infrastructure
  • The need for rapid adaptation of safety profiles for new threats and attack vectors
  • Lack of resources and time to provide full maintenance of information security systems due to the growth of their number and complexity in case of a constant staff of information security department

rights_12.pngSolaredSOC Security Control Maintenance Benefits

  • Twenty-four-hour health monitoring the systems performing by SolaredSOC duty shift
  • Response for incident concerning to efficiency and basic diagnostics for 15 minutes since the beginning
  • Ensuring the indicators of IT systems availability to 99.6% (up to 8 hours of downtime in the quarter)
  • The most relevant and current information about new threats and incidents as part of SolaredSOC technology partnerships
  • The use of best practices and high expertise of SolaredSOC team to ensure your safety

rights_7.png“SolaredSOC: information security System Maintenance” solves the following tasks

  • Twenty-four-hour monitoring of availability and efficiency of systems with customized "models of health" for the Customer’s infrastructure
  • Reducing the risks in the operation of critical information security systems through providing the guaranteed SLA indicators
  • Prompt identification of the causes and elimination of system failures, including the full recovery of efficiency
  • Proactive monitoring of information security incidents recorded by maintained protection facilities
  • Creation and adaptation of policies implemented by the protection facility to the new information security threats

rights_13.pngProvided Services

Providing the efficiency if information security systems:

    a. Efficiency monitoring - connection to the monitoring system, development of the monitoring profile ("health model"), twenty-four-hour monitoring the state of systems and notification about incident occurrence

    b. Recovery of operating capacity - consultation, remote collection of diagnostic information, identifying the causes of failure and development of recommendations for its elimination, execution of activities for elimination of the operating capacity incident (including emergency on-site visits)

    c. Support and fulfilment of updates - development of update regulations, fulfilment of technical activities and control of system after completion of the update procedure

    d. Routine administration and remote preventive maintenance - periodical in-depth diagnostics of the system, analysis of its state and administration, aimed at maintaining the operating state

Information security system maintenance

    a. Administration of system configuration

    b. Administration of the policies - support and revision of the existing policies, diagnostics of errors in their application, development and testing of new policies for new business requirements and changing infrastructure of the customer, development of instructions for their commissioning and configuration

    c. Prompt notification of customers about new potential threats and update of IPS signatures

    This content of services will ensure the required availability of information security services and protection of business infrastructure against possible attacks